Back in those days life was never easy, the struggle was a bit tough and hard but by the grace of God! Here we are now as Planet Wild Safaris. Lucky for us, the life of poverty taught us to love others and permanently pin our lives to God. Planet Wild Foundation believes to be happy! it’s not about how much you have but how much you give. We are whom we are now just because someone has given us a helping hand, for that reason and many more our debt now is to improve the quality of life for the people in need around our community.

Our sponsorship and contribution based only for the societies & communities with families whose lives are of extreme poverty. The map to reach these people has no boundaries, No limit! east to west, north to south you must find helpless elders, street kids, orphans, widows, widowers etc.


Standing by the needy, living by giving back to the society. In each of our steps forward one or a group of uneducated street kids or homeless ones will live in prominent community so that more prominent people will be created in our society.


Is to make sure we are creating a generation with applicable knowledge, Godly life skills, good healthy conditions and education that can put a positive change to themselves, their families and the people around their community and society at large.

What We Do

We never do more than the God given hands, contribute to the society. We try our best to create the positive minds to orphans, street kids and homeless ones. Positive minds won’t be interpreted without an education; education is the first thing to change a human life. We struggle hard to educate the orphans and street kids! In general, the helpless people in the society.


When you have all you want try to think what it is to be hungry! What it is to be poor! What it is to be homeless?! In Tanzania we have a Swahili proverb saying; KUTOA NI MOYO SI UTAJIRI (GIVING IS BY HEART WILLING NOT RICHNESS) we have been giving back to society not because we have plenty no! But we learned to give, only because we know how it feels to have nothing. We are now in-search of like-minded people to join our planet by contributing anything, anything at all! even your advice might change some one’s life, it might change some people in the community and finally it might create a great world.

Inspire the lost ones, contribute then share with us your life stories! And once you go on Safari with us, you will automatically join the helping hand of PLANET WILD FOUNDATION.

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